Shoulder Pain

What to Know about Shoulder Pain from Our Chiropractor

Shoulder pain is an undesired part of life that many people face regularly. For some, the pain arises after an injury. For others, the pain only occurs once they're older due to wear and tear on the joint.


At Haynes Chiropractic in Queen Creek, AZ, and the nearby region, our practitioner offers chiropractic care to those with shoulder pain, including chiropractic adjustments or another shoulder pain treatment.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

You may experience an injury to your shoulder joint, especially since this part of your body plays a role in lifting, pushing, and much more. For example, if you play sports, you may use it to hit a golf ball or serve the volleyball over the net, which could result in injury. Perhaps you enjoy swimming, but at yesterday's session, you overworked the joint. Or you may be an avid tennis player and never give yourself a rest, leading to a repetitive stress injury. Examples of shoulder injuries include tendinitis or a rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder pain might be chronic and stem from joint degeneration caused by repetitive use. For instance, the individual could have arthritis in this case. On the other hand, some people may have fibromyalgia that impacts the shoulder and various other parts of the body.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our chiropractor will first ask you to complete a medical history report, and inquire about when the pain started, how severe it is, and when it worsens. Our practitioner will also ask you to move your shoulder, and want to evaluate the area for tenderness and swelling manually.

Our chiropractor will determine an appropriate course of action based on the results. A chiropractic adjustment is an option if you have shoulder impingement. Ensuring everything is in proper alignment can ease your shoulder pain.

If you have a shoulder dislocation, our practitioner can reposition the joint using manual manipulation. Our practitioner will guide you through exercises that work the shoulder joint during this treatment. They can help heal and ease the pain.

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Haynes Chiropractic in Queen Creek, AZ, and the surrounding area, offers chiropractic care for shoulder pain treatment tailored toward your needs, such as chiropractic adjustments.

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