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Chiropractic care is natural care that doesn't interfere with other treatment providers. Your spine health is important, and at Haynes Chiropractic in Queen Creek, AZ, we are ready to talk to you more about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and treatment. Whether you are looking to find pain relief, recovery from an accident, or gain more mobility, our chiropractor can assess your condition to determine the right treatment for your needs.

What to Expect from a Chiropractic Consultation

During your initial consultation with a chiropractor, you will get to discuss what is going on, and what your treatment goals are. Your situation will be assessed, and measurements may be taken to test strength and range of motion. Depending on your situation, imaging may be ordered to rule out structural problems with your spine or joints. As you talk to our chiropractor, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about what is uncovered. 

Treatment Provided from a Chiropractor in Queen Creek

The treatment you receive will depend on what you are being treated for. Chiropractic adjustments are common and can help treat a variety of different conditions. Care may also include nutritional counseling. Some problems may be made worse by, or caused by, poor nutrition. By identifying bad foods in your diet, and recommending better ones, we can help you recover from your condition and get back to living your life. Lifestyle choices may also impact your condition, such as poor posture. We can recommend lifestyle changes to help with healing and recovery.

How Often You Will See the Chiropractor

Chiropractic care builds on previous sessions, and the more consistent you are in therapy, the better you may heal. It might be recommended that you see the chiropractor three times a week to start. This is so you can get your body used to spinal adjustments, in an effort for the chiropractic adjustments to stay in place. As your body heals, your muscles should become less strained. Your muscles may need time to adjust to their proper positions. This is why it is recommended you get an adjustment so often in the beginning of your treatment.

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It's time to start living your best life through chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Haynes in Queen Creek, AZ. Give us at Haynes Chiropractic a call today at (480) 882-2400 and schedule a consultation for chiropractic care. If you have chronic pain, or you have suffered an acute injury, it's time to get the help you may need from a chiropractor.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been going to Dr. Haynes office for almost a year now, and I am completely satisfied. He has been helping me with my neck issues. Dr. Haynes takes his time adjusting me and isn't in a hurry to get on to the next patient. Dr. Haynes is very kind and caring. I moved about an hour away from his office a few months ago, but I still make the drive to go see him because I don't want to go to anyone else. His receptionist, Linda is great. She is friendly and helpful."
    Kristi Bradshaw
  • "Dr. Haynes is one of the best doctors I’ve been to. He is so nice and really cares about his patients! He has a different approach at healing your body than most mainstream doctors but it was very beneficial in my opinion."
    Becca Egan
  • "Dr Haynes uses the Toftness method of chiropractic. I searched Phoenix and found him. I had a chiropractor in MN that used this method and I always got relief so I searched when I came to AZ. This method works and he is great to work with. I have gone to chiropractors that use other methods and never get relief from Carpal Tunnel but with this method I have immediate relief and it lasts. I send everyone to him. My friends get the same help."
    Vicki Stanley

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